Executive Line lids

ACO1011, ACO1012, ACO1074, ACO1010, ACO1009

Containers and accessories


ACO1011 - Large universal lid Ø 125 (4-12 cm)
ACO1012 - Small universal lid Ø 100 (4-9 cm)
ACO1074 - Square Executive Lid (for 2.5 Litre Canister)
ACO1010 - Small lid Ø 180 (for 2 Litre Executive Canister)
ACO1009 - Large lid Ø 210 (for 1.5 Litre and 4 Litre Executive Canister)


carat-1 Executive Line lids
  1. Suitable for use in the freezer
  2. The surfaces in direct contact with food are free from Phthalates e Bisphenol
BPA Free
dettagliocope Executive Line lids

Protective lid with fl uid suction prevention system (pump protector)


All MAGIC VAC® accessories have been tested and are suitable for contact with food