Our History


Flaem Nuova was founded by Franco and Elena Abate. Thanks to technical capabilities and business intuition, the factory quickly become from a pioneer to a leader in the production of Aerosol therapy devices. After over 50 years the factory is still recognized all over the world for the quality and safety of its own medical equipment.



1985 – Pioneering the Vacuum Preservation for home use

This is a key date in the food preservation history. Starting from the technical knowledge in the medical field, Flaem Nuova developed the First vacuum sealer for home use.
Having a machine was obviously not enough, as the smooth bags – the only available at that time – were not suitable for external air extraction.
Therefore, Flaem Nuova also invested the first bag with structure.

The 90s

Flaem Nuova introduced the brand MAGIC VAC®, soon becoming the most popular brand in Italy. Also thanks to TV advertising campaigns, people became more and more aware about the Advantages of vacuum preservation.
In the meantime, the Company continue to invest in new solutions and machines. Magic Vac introduced the “parallel channels” vacuum bags, still nowadays the strongest and fastest air extracting vacuum bags and rolls.
In 1999, the first vacuum sealer fully automatic is introduced: the GENIUS, an evergreen model.



The 2000s

The new millennium started with one of the biggest innovation in the Magic Vac machines: the removable dishwasher-safe tray. Still today, this innovation makes many of the Magic Vac machines the easiest to clean in the market.

In 2007, Magic Vac® introduced the first handy device for easy container vacuuming.


Magic Vac Professional is born. The objective was to create a new vacuum sealer line for heavy usage, by using the Magic Vac experience in top quality home vacuum sealers and adding new technical solutions. These machines are perfect for commercial usage, but also for the most demanding farmers, hunters and Fishermen. In 2018, the new Magic Vac logo and social communication is on-line. More than 30 years of (Magic) Vacuum Sealing experience. And counting.