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Food protection with certified performance

Pairing MAGIC VAC® machines with original MAGIC VAC® accessories results in a packaging system that guarantees maximum air/oxygen extraction which, in the MAGIC VAC® bags and rolls, is highly simplified by the thickness and the special lines in the “patented” material.
This creates conditions that maintain the organoleptic properties and ensure the food preservation time published in the table on the previous page and in every MAGIC VAC® user manual. The data contained in the “Preservation time” table are the result of the independent opinion drawn up exclusively for Flaem Nuova SpA by professor Luciano Piergiovanni, member of AITA (Italian Association of Food Technology) and chair of the DISTAM (Agri-food product conditioning and distribution technologies) at the University of Milan.

The MAGIC VAC® product line was tested and approved by the Federation of Italian Chefs.

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Magic Vac is SAFE and TESTED

Flaem Nuova SpA can ensure maximum safety of use with its MAGIC VAC® systems because the materials selected and used for the production of accessories comply with the requirements of the most stringent international standards and regulations regarding plastic materials in contact with food, fully respecting the limits of migration of harmful substances to food itself.

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Easy to use and patented technology

In addition to exceptional performance and flexibility in choosing the packaging mode, Magic Vac® machines are highly intuitive to use, saving a considerable amount of time during packaging.

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Multiple patented accessories

In addition to bags and rolls, MAGIC VAC® accessories includes a variety of containers for efficient storage of products, as well as innovative universal lids that fits with any sturdy container (glass jars, steel pots or pans). This preserves the aroma and flavor of all foods. Wine can also be preservered with a special wine bottle accessory.

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Quality and reliability of made in Italy

MAGIC VAC® system machines and accessories are made entirely in Italy with materials and assembly methods that are rigorously under control during the entire production cycle to ensure the utmost quality and reliability. Quality and reliability that have always set Flaem Nuova SpA production apart and made it one of the world leaders in the sector.

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Low energy consumption

MAGIC VAC® machines fulfil the most restrictive energy consumption standards required by the EC 1275/2008 regulation starting 07/01/2013 (2009/125/EC ErP Directive).

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Storage life with Magic Vac
  Preservation times at atmospheric pressure Preservation times with MAGIC VAC®
Refrigerated foods (5 ± 2 °C) carne 3 - 4 8 - 9
pesce 1 - 3 4 - 5
salame 15 - 20 25 - 60
verdura 7 - 15 24 - 40
frutta 1 - 3 7 - 10
formaggio 5 - 7 14 - 20

Frozen foods (-18 ± 2 °C) carne 120 - 180 450 - 600
pesce 90 - 120 300 - 360
verdura 240 - 300 540 - 720

Food at ambient temperature (25 ± 2 °C) pane 1 - 2 6 - 8
dolce 120 - 180 360