Space Off

The advantages of SpaceOff

Reduces up to 80% of space

By eliminating air with Magic Vac Space Off the dimensions of duvets, jackets, blankets, pillows, linens, towels, sweaters, sweatshirts and other bulky clothes are drastically reduce quadrupling the available space in the closets.

Protects clothes from dust, moisture, odors and moths

The multilayer materials of Magic Vac Space Off allows you to protect the contents from dust, odors, moisture and moths allowing a safe storage and an immediate use of the clothes at the reopening of the bag.

Resistant and reusable

The Magic Vac Space Off consisting of multilayer material of high thickness is remarkably resistant in their normal use and therefore once opened can be reused multiple times.

Easy to use with any vacuum cleaner

To remove the air close the bag’s zipper. Open the valve on the bag. Insert the vacuum hose and start the vacuum with maximum suction. Within seconds most of the air will be removed. After the air has been eliminated, remove the hose and close the valve immediately.

Double-sealed closure

The Magic Vac Space Off is easily double-sealed with sliding clips maximizing the seal for an extended length of time.

Innovative self-locking valve

The suction valve of Magic Vac Space Off is self-closing, this means that once the vacuum cleaner is switched off, no air can enter. Replace the valve cover.