The advantages of MAGIC VAC® vacuum packing

Vacuum packaging food, thereby eliminating air/oxygen, means naturally preserving the organoleptic properties (flavor and appearance) longer and, consequently, improving the quality of the preserved food.

Money savings
The vacuum packaging system allows you to purchase products less frequently and in greater quantities, even during the short seasons, avoiding wasting time and, especially, wasting food that has spoiled.

Flexibility and sanitation
Custom packaging foods like meat, cured meats, cheese, precooked foods, rice, pasta and biscuits using the bags or specific containers allows you to optimise storage space. This ensures the utmost preservation in hygienically ideal conditions, by eliminating cross contamination between different products.

The food vacuum packaging system allows you to first cook food in large quantities, then divide it into portions to keep in the refrigerator or freezer, adding herbs or spices if desired. They can then be directly thawed by boiling or in the microwave.

Find out how you can save with Magic Vac®. Watch the video!

appr3 The advantages of vacuum sealing system