How to store with the original patented MAGIC VAC® containers

Freezing in containers
To freeze food in plastic containers , use only MAGIC VAC® containers or, in the case of glass containers use tempered containers suitable for freezer temperatures.

Vacuum packing of food in containers
Vacuum packing in containers is ideal for frequently used products. Dried foods such as pasta, grains, flour, sugar, potato crisps, pretzels and biscuits or food for your animals will maintain their structure and fresh taste for longer. Salads and vegetables can be kept clean for a whole week and stored in MAGIC VAC® containers. They will keep crisp and fresh. To absorb excess moisture, fold a paper towel and position at the bottom of the container.

Liquids must be cooled before being placed in a vacuum . In fact, hot liquids will overflow when using containers for vacuum operations.

Powdered or granulated food can be covered by a paper towel, cut before vacuum packing. This will prevent grains from entering the path of the vacuum or from accumulating in the Vacuum Sealing Cap.
Used oil from frying can be filtered, cooled closed in a vacuum in a MAGIC VAC® container and stored in the refrigerator. In this way, you can reuse the oil at least once more, when it is kept without air and cold, keeping almost all its characteristics intact.
Pantry articles such as flour, rice, and cake and pancake mixes will stay fresh for longer if vacuum packed. Nuts and condiments retain their flavour and are protected from rancidity.

It is best to use plastic or glass containers that are ideal for vacuums since those that are not ideal can implode under the pressure of the vacuum.
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Marinating with MAGIC VAC® Containers
To marinate meat, poultry and fish, pierce the surface of the food, cover with your choice of marinade and place in a MAGIC VAC® container. Vacuum seal the MAGIC VAC® container and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Food will be taste as if it has marinated all night!

Recommendations for container storage
When storing food, use lids that have been checked and found to be free from defects. To create and maintain a good vacuum, lid seals must be in perfect conditions. Proper lid maintenance can be performed by immersing in boiling water for 3 minutes and then rubbing the dry seal with a drop of oil. This will return the necessary flexibility to lid seals.

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