New family line containers with valve


Containers and accessories

  • 0.75 lt jar: diameter 115 x height 130 mm
  • 1.50 lt jar: diameter 135 x height 180 mm
  • 3 lt jar: diameter 160 x height 240 mm
  • Bottle Cap

BPA Free


  • Keeps food fresh 3 to 5 times as long
  • Ideal for storage of frequently used products such as dry and fragile foods (e.g. biscuits, savoury snacks, cereal, pasta, etc.); powder foodstus (e.g. our, coffee, sugar, etc.); fresh, pureed or strained fruit and vegetables (soups, sauces, preserves, etc.)
  • Their transparency and design makes them attractive to display on kitchen shelves while ensuring that their contents are clearly visible
  • For use with MAGIC VAC® vacuum packing system

Note: this product cannot be used for canning

carat Family line containers
  1. Wash using delicate cycle on upper rack of dishwasher
  2. Remove lid and defrost in microwave
  3. Suitable for use in the freezer
  4. The surfaces in direct contact with food are free from Phthalates e Bisphenol


All MAGIC VAC® accessories have been tested and are suitable for contact with food